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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Thank you for being the most supportive, open minded and caring teacher I have ever had. Before junior year, I never really liked or did that well in English. I never made a connection with what I was reading or felt passionate about what I was writing. In your class, I feel empowered, intelligent, and that I really do have a voice. I have learned so much this year about injustice and Black history, but most importantly, how to understand different perspectives. Your class has given me the tools I needed to have deeper conversations with my peers about the society we live in.  Not only has your class given me these tools, it's changed the way    I feel about school. I never felt passionate or so interested in what   I was learning. And it's all because you have made your class environment so welcoming and really a safe space to participate.  In all my educational experience, I have never learned as much as  I have in your class. I'm so grateful to have had a teacher like you. 

Grade 11 Student, 2020-2021

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"Ms. Razi is such an accepting and loving person. She made her classroom feel like a second home. I’m so happy that I got to be her student!"

"Her class has opened doors for myself that I had previously closed, and I will be grateful for that forever. She has become a friend as well as an amazing teacher and mentor."

"She has inspired me to pay attention to the injustices we face today and thus have given a rise to the desire for me to work in juvenile justice and write about social justice in general."

"She has been so influential. I took away knowledge the world around me and what it means to truly have a good heart. Thank you, Ms. Razi, for being my teacher." 

"Ms. Razi has an intrinsic connection with students, one that hit me harder than I would have ever thought. I feel like I could be the most 'me' in her class."


"Her class was truly an eye-opener and has inspired me to continue studying racial injustice and advocacy in the future. She is one of the kindest and most impactful teachers I’ve ever had."

"I see her as a role model and I admire her a lot. I feel like we have a good student to teacher relationship and she brings out the best of my personality."


"I really, really am thrilled to have Ms. Razi as my teacher. I have waited so long to have a teacher that advocates acceptance. She always finds creative ways to educate us."

"Ms. Razi is such a wonderful teacher who I can genuinely say I learned a lot from. I do feel very proud of what I have learned and really hope that in the future I’m able to make some sort of change and educate others."

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"Nadia models what it looks like to be a kind and compassionate teacher with all of her priorities straight. She always puts students first, and reaches out to those who need the most help. I also want to thank her for always being a kind and compassionate colleague who is always willing to lend a helping hand and steer me in the right direction when I have questions. She has patience, and a positive, helpful attitude that always leaves me feeling confident, calm, and cared for."


"Nadia is a fierce advocate for students and represents our teachers with vigor and passion. I love her advanced technological strategies and collaboration. She leads with humor, flexibility and compassion. Nadia is a forward thinker and is always seeking to improve."

"The school and the kids are lucky to have Nadia. Her lesson design is original and inventive, her manner direct and engaging."

"Nadia is amazing and a highly efficient communicator. She is one of the most brilliant people I know, and I really think she is doing a great job as department chair. Her commitment to teachers and students is tremendous."



"I am in awe of the progress that she has made, the expertise that she brings, and the passion that she puts into being a leader in understanding equity. She is wholeheartedly valued and appreciated by many educators and students."

"Her love for teaching is contagious! And I am so grateful for her leadership with the English Department."

"Nadia has become a complex, accomplished leader. Her range of achievements and the depth of her commitment to teaching and social justice are truly impressive." 

"I admire Nadia so much and am grateful for all that she has done for the English Department. Her passion, commitment, and voice, as well as her amazing tech skills, are valuable assets, not just to the department, but to the entire school community." 

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"You have been a cheerleader and safety net for our daughter. We cannot express the relief and pride we have for the relationship you have built with her. Thank you for choosing to become an educator."

"You are a highlight in my daughter’s life, and I appreciate everything you do for the students."

"Thank you for helping and being the role model for our daughter. You helped her achieve more and believe in herself."

"This has been an unbelievably hard time for our family. My son has told me how much your support means to him and I just wanted you to know how grateful we all are."

"You have given him his confidence back. Thank you for being such a caring and understanding teacher."

"I also want to thank you for your consistent words of encouragement, inspiration and just being a great mentor/teacher for both of my girls. You have been instrumental in their lessons of resilience and making the best of any situation."

"Thank you for being a wonderful teacher! I can tell how much you love your students and that’s why the kids have so much respect for you."

"I just want to thank you so much for all of the love and support you have given my son! You, and your classroom, are a safe space for him and I am so grateful for you."

"You are such an awesome teacher. I have never met you but I always hear lot of praises about you from my daughter."

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